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Therabreath Tonsil Stones Treatment

What are Tonsil Stones?

They are an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria and protein particles in the back of your throat that smell terrible.

Can Tonsil Stones be Treated?

Tonsil stones can be very effectively dealt with by using Therabreath’s oxygenating power.

Oxygenating Power

Therabreath contain a patented compound OXY-D8 that produces high levels of oxygen to effectively reduce bad breath causing bacteria.

Regain Your Confidence

Bad breath from Tonsil stones has a pudrid, fecal smell that makes close contact with family and friends very difficult for tonsil stone sufferers.

Fast Relief from Tonsil Stones

Therabreath’s oxygenatring power gets to work immediately and you will start to notice the difference to your breath almost immediately.

Dr Katz Therabreath since 1994

Dr Katz has been helping people with bad breath and Halitosis since 1994 in response to his daughters bad breath that was causing her considerable embarrassment.

Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are a very common cause of Halitosis that occur in most people who still have their tonsils at some stage and are a source of much embarrassment and concern. In order to effectively treat tonsil stones it is necessary to understand what they are and why they smell so bad.

Your tonsils are located in the very back of your throat and their purpose is to protect your body from undesirable objects reaching your lungs and stomach by trapping these objects and food particles on their surface. The surface of the tonsils have small cavities in which much of this debris accumulates and it is the combination with anaerobic bacteria that feed off the trapped debris that causes the release of sulphur compounds that we experience as Halitosis.

These anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for causing tonsil stones occur naturally in your mouth and are present on your tongue, hiding between the hairs on your tongue so removing the tonsils may not necessarily cure Halitosis and is in fact not recommended at all, as Tonsil stones can be very easily treated with high doses of oxygen which get rid of the anaerobic bacteria and hence the production of the offensive sulphur compounds.

In most cases people with tonsil stones do not even realise that they are the cause of Halitosis as the tonsil stones are simply swallowed. It is those tonsil stones that lodge themselves in the tonsil crypts, grow and become visible that are the problematic tonsil stones that need to be treated.

The picture clearly shows a tonsil stone that is easily visible and the sufferer will feel a scratchy sensation in the throat. If you have visible tonsil stones and suffer from Halitosis the treatment available is extremely effective and deals with accumulation of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, throat and sinus cavities by oxygenating the areas and making the environment in which these anaerobic bacteria live, inhospitable.

Tonsil Stones Treatment

The treatment for tonsil stones and the resulting Halitosis is a three step process using the following Therabreath products. Therabreath has been treating Halitosis since 1994 through the California Breath Clinics and these products are now available in South Africa.

The first step is to deliver high doses of oxygen directly onto the tonsils and back of the throat with the Therabreath oral spray.

Next we use the three essential Therabreath products that treat the mouth and tongue, providing a complete oral care system which includes fluoride. The tongue cleaner removes the layer of mucous on your tongue exposing the bacteria. The Therabreath Toothpaste or Therabreath PLUS toothpaste cleans and removes anaerobic bacteria from between your teeth, on your cheeks and gums delivering further concentrations of oxygen and the Therabreath PLUS oral rinse deals with any areas in the mouth and throat that have not been subjected to high dose of oxygen yet.

The final step in the process is the use of Therabreath nasal sinus drops which eliminate bacteria from the nasal cavities and run down the back of the throat to further oxygenate the back of your throat and tonsils.

This three step process has been effectively treating tonsil stones since 1994 and is the Worlds best selling Premium Oral care system.

Get Rid of Tonsil stones and immediately neutralize the sulphur causing bacteria with high doses of Oxygen delivered by Therabreath and never worry about tonsil stones and Halitosis again.

What Products Must I use?

Therabreath products contain active oxygenating ingredients that effectively render the bacteria unable to function. 

Due to the bacteria not being active, they cannot produce any of the sulfur by-products, therefore removing the bad smell from your mouth.

Regular use of Therabreath products will reduce the size of the tonsil stones until the bacteria are reduced to normal levels for everday healthy functioning of your oral system.

1. Therabreath Oxygenating Oral Rinse

oral rinse

2. Therabreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste


3. Therabreath Oxygenating Lozenges

therabreath lozenges

4. Therabreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray

fresh breath throat spray

5. Sinus Irrigator Nasal Cleanser

sinus irrigator

Post Nasal Drip

If you suffer from post nasal drip you will suffer from bad breath!

Post nasal drip causes bad breath in one of two ways depending on whether or not you still have your tonsils. Tonsil stones are a very common result of having post nasal drip and are the cause of great anxiety and embarrassment to sufferers. Those who do not have their tonsils will provide a fertile breading ground for bacteria at the back of the tongue and throat.

Tonsil Stones

Post nasal drip is the most common cause of tonsil stones due to a tonsil stone or Tonsillolith being an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria in the crypts on the tonsils that feed on proteins. Mucous is a protein and is passing over your tonsils, constantly providing the bacteria with a food source. The by-product of the bacteria feeding off the protein in mucous is a sulphur compound we all experience as bad breath.

What makes tonsil stones particularly offensive is that a tonsil stone is a collection of the foul smelling bacteria that have built up to form the white globs that you see on your tonsils. These white globs or tonsilloliths are often first identified by a terrible smell then a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat. Tonsilloliths are more often than not coughed up and by simply smelling the white glob you will get a good idea of what your breath smells like.

Using nasal decongestants

Nasal decongestants that are prescribed or purchased over the counter from pharmacies often do help to relieve sinus congestion but most have either an antibiotic or antihistamine component which causes dry mouth, a very common problem that initiates bad breath by providing an environment in which anaerobic bacteria can proliferate.

By using a combination of Therabreath oral rinse, toothpaste and throat spray twice a day you will effectively oxygenate the mouth and back of your throat to create an environment in which the anaerobic sulphur producing bacteria are not able to thrive. You will be amazed at the difference in both taste and confidence once you are able to interact in the knowledge that your breath is not offensive to others.

Treating bad breath caused by post nasal drip

In order to effectively eliminate the offensive bacteria that give off sulphur by-products it is essential to ensure that your mouth, throat and sinus cavities are well oxygentaed and that you are producing oxygen rich saliva.

The recommended products to effectively deal with bad breath are the following.


1. Therabreath Oxygenating Oral Rinse

oral rinse

2. Therabreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste


3. Therabreath Oxygenating Lozenges

therabreath lozenges

4. Therabreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray

fresh breath throat spray

5. Sinus Irrigator Nasal Cleanser

sinus irrigator

About Dr Katz

Dr Harold Katz, who founded The California Breath Clinics also developed the Therabreath line of top quality oral care products. He is known around the globe as the expert of bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones and dry mouth. Dr Katz has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who suffer with halitosis problems. Since appearing on shows such as The View and the CBS Early show, he has been given the title of “Bad Breath Guru”.

Dr Katz went to UCLA School of Dentistry and graduated with a degree in dentistry and in Bacteriology. He opened his successful practice in the 1970s in California Beverly Hills a few blocks from 20th Century Fox Studios. He worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and through the years his dentistry techniques were perfected.


“After so many years of suffering from bad breath I am thankful to finally find something that works. Thank you Dr Katz”

“I was skeptical as they are not cheap but can say that the bitter taste in my mouth is gone and I feel much more confident now.”

“My Life has been turned around, I no longer cover my mouth and work colleagues don’t avoid me any longer..”

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